09 September 2010

TFS Power Tools–September 2010 Release

The latest release of the Team Foundation Server 2010 Power Tools are now available for download:

There are several new features in this release of the tools, including:

  • Admin Console Backup/Restore Wizard – you can now quickly and easily setup a backup schedule from within the Team Foundation Server Administration Console.
  • View With – this feature adds a new context menu item, View With…, to the Source Control Explorer (SCE) window in Visual Studio 2010 giving you the ability to view a file, directly from the SCE, using a non-default application (e.g. Notepad, etc.).  You can also change the default application for a given file extension.
  • Clone Build Definition – this feature provides the ability to right-click a build definition and create a copy of it.  This will be a nice time saver for anyone who has to create multiple but similar builds.
  • Copy Work Item Shortcut – this is a new context menu item for the results of a work item search.  This allows you to easily copy one or more work item hyperlinks to the Windows clipboard which can then be pasted into an e-mail message, etc.
  • TFPT Branches – a new “branches” command has been added to the TFPT command line utility.  This command mimics similar branching functionality available in Visual Studio 2010 today providing command line access.

You can get the full details on Brian Harry’s blog, here.