14 October 2008

Team Foundation Build 2010

I just finished watching a great video from Jim Lamb on Channel 9 covering some of the new features for Team Foundation Build 2010.  The video is about 35 minutes long and is well worth the watch.  Here's a quick synopsis of what's covered in the video:

  • Team Foundation Build 2010 will support Windows Workflow 4.0.  This feature alone would make a worthy upgrade to Team Foundation Build.  The new Workflow UI being designed for the .NET Framework 4.0 will be included in the build type editor within VS 2010 providing a fantastic user experience for modifying build types (can you say "XML - not for me, thank you" :-).  There will be several Team Foundation Build-related Workflow Activities included out of the box with VS 2010 and I would imagine several 3rd party/open source activities will appear on the scene shortly after its release.
  • "Gated" check-ins will be supported.  This feature, when turned on, will ensure that a given build type successfully runs before any artifacts are checked into version control.  This will be a great enhancement for teams making use of continuous integration within Team Foundation Server.
  • "Private/Buddy" check-ins will be supported.  This feature is very much like "Gated" check-ins except that the check-in, and resulting build, are treated as a separate, private build associated only with the user who initiated the build.  You can even set distinct retention policies for "Private" builds.
  • Support for Symbol Server Integration.  With the integration of Symbol Server into Team Foundation Build, the debugger within Visual Studio will know how to navigate to the correct source code within TFS Version Control.
  • Build Controllers.  You will have the ability to configure "pools" of build agents which can then be associated with a build type.  The build server can then utilize the least active build agent when starting a new build.
  • Build Agent Tags.  You will be able to associate tags with build agents.  For example, you may tag a build server as "SQL Server 2008", meaning that SQL Server 2008 has been installed on that server.  Another build agent may be tagged with "MOSS 2007", etc.
  • "All Inclusive" Build Agent.  There is a desire to have the build services include support for MSTest and DBPro without having to install the Test or DBPro SKUs.  This will be a great convenience and something that I believe that should have been included from the first version.
  • Log Enhancements.  The Build Log has been improved tremendously and is much easier to read and navigate.  You can now, for example, click a link on an error in the build log and be taken to the exact location within source code where the error occurred.
  • Build Deletion Control.  When deleting build types, you will now have the ability to be more specific as to what gets deleted.  For example, you can choose one or more of the following (all are selected by default): Details, Drop, Test Results, Label, Symbols, or Build.  This can be done manually and/or specified within the retention policy settings.

The video goes into a little more detail about each of the above items as well as a few others that I haven't mentioned.  It is really nice to see that Team Foundation Build is getting some attention.  I think the current product is good but there is a lot of room for improvement and it appears that is the direction it's heading.

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