24 July 2008

Omaha Team System User Group

We’ve had yet another successful gathering of the Omaha Team System User Group.  After moderating one of the Birds of a Feather sessions at last month’s Tech-Ed conference, I decided to try something similar with this month’s user group meeting format.

Rather than schedule a speaker for this meeting I decided that we would open the floor up for any Team System-related topics for discussion amongst the group.  Being the middle of the summer and having changed the format to not include a speaker I didn’t expect the same turnout that we typically get at other meetings.  We ended up with a total of 15 attendees which was perfect for sitting around a few tables and having some conversation.

Some of the topics we discussed included:

  • Certifications – are they important (i.e. do they really matter)?
  • Training – what types of training resources are available for Team System.
  • Gotchas – what kind of “gotchas” have other group members ran across while working with Team System.
  • APIs – what type of experience do other group members have with working with the TFS Object Model.
  • How is it being used – i.e. how is Team System being used throughout the community.
  • FinalBuilder – just bringing an awareness to the group that FinalBuilder has some great TFS support.
  • Etc.

We all had some great discussion for about an hour and a half and I think everyone in the room, especially myself, left with having learned something new.

The meeting format seemed to work out great so I believe this is something we’ll do at least once per year.

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