04 June 2008

TFS BOF Session - Check!

I just completed my first Birds of a Feather session here at Tech-Ed 2008.  I moderated the session on Using Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server in your Organization.   We had a great turnout with around 70-80 attendees in the audience.  The discussions covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • Issues related to upgrading from TFS 2005 to TFS 2008
  • Moving/changing TFS SharePoint servers after the installation has been completed
  • Migrating Visual SourceSafe databases to Team Foundation Server version control
  • Integrating Microsoft Project Server with Team Foundation Server
  • Handling 3rd party controls in your application's automated builds
  • Configuration of Team Projects on your Team Foundation Server(s)
  • Many others

There was some great discussion among the members of the audience - some with similar experiences and others with widely varying experiences.  We also had a Team System MVP in the room so he was able to address several of the issues in detail.

We actually ran out of time before we were able to get through the list so if I can retrieve the questions list from the session room I will post some links for further information on the remaining topics.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, please feel free to drop in the Bloggers Lounge at TechEd to continue conversation on the TFS BOF Session. We can help announce in on TechEdBloggers info_at_indepth-tech.com.


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