05 June 2008

Tech-Ed 2008 - Day Two

Day two is now wrapped up and I'm taking a short break during day three to write this post.  I'm currently sitting in on Philip Wolfe's Hosting Windows Workflow talk which is going extremely well.  There are about 25 to 30 people in attendance with some very good questions being asked and answered.

I started the morning off yesterday by moderating the BOF session Using Microsoft Team Foundation Server in your Organization which went very wellI also attended various sessions throughout the day including one on durable services using WCF as well as others.

I also spent some time meeting the various Microsoft personnel and other staff (completing Mickey Gousset's trifecta :-) responsible for building and testing the various Team Foundation Server products.  It was great to be able to association some names and faces with the product.  My goal today is to locate and meet the product manager :-)

We ended the day yesterday by attending the ARCast.TV party at TGIF's which was a lot of fun as well (of course :-)

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