08 October 2013

This Blog Has Moved...


For various reasons, some of which are covered in this post and others which are not, this blog has permanently moved to:


The RSS feeds have changed as well:

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This blog will remain active for historical purposes though I won't publish any new posts here.  Please update any saved links and/or feeds accordingly.

Thank You!

06 October 2013

Time for a Blog Makeover

Since my first blog post nearly 8 years ago, I have been using blogspot.com as my one and only blogging engine. For the most part, it has served me very well. Although the web-based editor isn’t bad, I’ve always preferred to use Windows Live Writer as my authoring tool of choice. The drag-n-drop customization features within blogger.com made customizing my blog site a snap and there were more templates available than I could possibly ever need. All in all, I’ve not had much to complain about over the past several years of blogging.
However, I have been having an issues for a while now that I can’t seem to find a resolution for. For some reason, over the past couple of months, any time I attempt to make changes to my blog site template, I always get an error message when I attempt to save the changes. There is no explanation for the error, simply the following message:


As one might imagine, this has become quite annoying. So this has motivated me to look into WordPress. Something I’ve taken a quick look at in the past but never gave it much time. So, in the short time I’ve spent working with WordPress over the past day or so, I’ve really come to like it. I especially like the community that has built up around, and in support of, WordPress. There are plugins and widgets for just about everything you can dream up for a blog site.
Armed with my limited knowledge and experience with WordPress I decided to create a new (and hopefully, improved) version of my blog at blog.devmatter.com. This new blog will, at least for the time being, mirror my existing blog site at devmatter.blogspot.com.
Although some differences may be more subtle than others, I am hoping for a cleaner, easier-to-navigate site.  Here are a couple of simple screenshots illustrating the basic differences in colors and layout:
The “Old” Site:image
The “New” Site:image
So if you have the inclination, please take a look around and give me your thoughts. What looks good and what doesn’t? Assuming this all works out for the better I will make a permanent move to the new site (redirecting the old site appropriately).