31 July 2013

MSDN Improved

Today, Microsoft launched an updated and improved version of its Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) site. Although many developers rely upon web-based search results to get them to the content they need within MSDN, the site is also used by many (sometimes newer) developers as an entry point into the vast set of developer resources provided by Microsoft. You may also visit MSDN simply to catch up with what’s new in development technology.
With that said, there were a few things that Microsoft targeted with this update (as taken from Brian Harry’s post on this subject):
  • Simple:   We designed the site to help developers get started with Microsoft more easily, and get them to the information that they need.  We heard from the community that finding the right information, often spread between different locations, could be challenging.  The Microsoft Developer Network addresses that feedback by providing a single point of entry for all developers.
  • Relevant: We want to meet developers where they are and talk with them on their terms.  With the Microsoft Developer Network, an iOS developer, for example, can quickly understand the opportunity available from our platform and then easily navigate to the educational or technical content he needs to get started.
  • Community Driven: Microsoft has an incredible developer ecosystem, and we wanted to provide even more opportunity for the community to engage with us and with each other.  We designed the Microsoft Developer Network with that in mind creating a “Perspectives” section with community blogs, an integrated social feed, and a “Connect” area that allows developers to tell their stories, get advice and connect with us directly.
The site launch happening today is for English-based geographies, but this is just the beginning of a phased worldwide launch.   Expect to see the global launch roll out over the next few months!
I for one am excited to see these updates to MSDN. I rely heavily on the content provided by MSDN and any enhancements that make it easier, faster, and more accurate when locating specific information is a big win as far as I’m concerned!