30 October 2012

(At Least) 5 Things I Hope to Learn at //Build/ 2012

Now that //Build/ 2012 is finally upon us, there are a few things I’ve been wondering about that I hope to finally learn more about this week.  These items include:

  1. What's new in the Windows Phone 8 SDK.  Although there have been leaked versions of the Windows Phone 8 SDK, I have not given it much thought because a) It is unlikely the SDK is incomplete, b) You are trusting the SDK has not been tampered with (i.e. I don't want to introduce any malware), and c) I'd simply just rather wait for the official SDK.
  2. What's new in Windows Phone 8.  Many new features have been announced for Windows Phone 8.  However, it has been stated that there are unannounced features as well.  In fact, this has been rumored as the main reason behind not releasing the Windows Phone 8 SDK up until now.  With all the hush, hush around Windows Phone 8, I really hope there is at least one surprise left for us :-)
  3. Which Windows Phone 8 devices will carriers offer?  There has been plenty of speculation and rumor but I’d like to know what my options truly are.  Hopefully we’ll get more solid details this week.
  4. Integration.  It is apparent that Microsoft has a desire to provide a certain level of integration across their various products and services such as Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Xbox, Office 365, etc.  I hope to gain a better understanding of their "grand vision" through the various sessions at //Build/.
  5. Line of Business Apps for Windows 8.  I would like to learn more about how Microsoft envisions line of business (LOB) apps being creating as Windows Store apps.  I have mixed emotions about “fully immersive” LOB apps but I’d like to see Microsoft’s perspective on this subject.

I have no doubt I’ll learn a great deal about these items during //Build/ this week.  I also expect to learn about many topics that I haven’t listed.  I am looking forward to what this week brings and am very excited about the new technologies, both software and hardware, that Microsoft will be presenting.  It promises to be a great week in technology!