09 March 2012

Team Explorer Everywhere (and more) Now Free!

Visual Studio 2010 Team Explorer Everywhere is Microsoft’s Team Explorer client for Eclipse-based environments.  Here is the official description:

Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 helps .NET and Java development teams collaborate across platforms. It provides the tools and plug-ins you need to access Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 from within Eclipse-based environments, so everyone can work together to achieve business goals.

Up until yesterday, Team Explorer Everywhere was sold as a separate product.  It is now available as a free download.  Keep in mind that although Team Explorer Everywhere is now free, you will still need a Team Foundation Server CAL.  See Visual Studio 2010 and MSDN Licensing for details.

There has also been some changes to how TFS Reporting and accessing TFS from within Microsoft System Center Operations Manager is licensed (i.e. now free).

Check out Brian Harry’s blog for the official announcement and more details.

01 March 2012

Windows 8 Beta and Visual Studio 11 Beta Quick Links

If you haven't yet downloaded the Windows 8 Beta or Visual Studio 11 Beta, a list of links are provided below for convenience.  If there is anything missing (from the February 29th beta wave release), please leave a comment below and we'll get it added to the list.

Windows 8

Visual Studio 11 Beta

Download - this link works for the following product downloads:


  • .NET Framework 4.5 Beta

Visual Studio

  • Visual Studio 11 Ultimate Beta
  • Visual Studio 11 Premium Beta
  • Visual Studio 11 Professional Beta
  • Visual Studio 11 Test Professional Beta
  • Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for Web
  • Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for Windows 8
  • IntelliTrace Collector for Visual Studio 11 Beta
  • Agents for Visual Studio 11 Beta
  • Feedback Client for Visual Studio 11 Beta
  • Remote Tools for Visual Studio 11 Beta
  • Visual Studio 11 Beta Shell
  • Visual Studio 11 Beta SDK

Team Foundation Server

  • Team Foundation Server Beta
  • Team Foundation Server Express Beta
  • Team Explorer Beta
  • Team Explorer Everywhere Beta

Getting Help - To help with any questions you might have, please refer to the following:

Providing Feedback - To provide feedback (bugs, suggestions, etc.) for any of the Visual Studio 11 Beta products, utilize the corresponding Connect site: