29 November 2006

TFS Permission Manager

The SRL Team has released a new utility to help with the management of Team Foundation Server permissions.? TFS Permission Manager 1.0 has allows you to work with all aspects of TFS-related permissions and includes the following capabilities:

  • Add or remove TFS group memberships, Reporting Services role memberships and SharePoint role memberships
  • Set Server- and Project-level permissions
  • Set Area Path and Source Control permissions
  • Create new TFS users with permissions identical to those of an existing user
  • Save user permissions as a template and use it later to create new or update existing users
  • If you have the responsibility?of managing?permissions on a TFS server then this utility could be a big time saver.

    You can download the utility here.

    21 November 2006

    Team System Basics Training (200 Level)

    Microsoft has made available for download a Virtual PC (VPC) based set of training for Visual Studio Team System basics.? The modules within this training program include:

  • Module 1 - Overview
  • Module 2 - Team Foundation Administration
  • Module 3 - Architect
  • Module 4 - Developer
  • Module 5 - Tester
  • Module 6 - Project Manager
  • Module 7 - Team Explorer
  • This is a relatively large download (5GB) and is comprised of eight separate files that must be downloaded and then extracted (a single download would have been nice :-).? The extracted files will take up about 15GB of space and can be ran using Virtual PC 2004 or Virtual Server 2005.

    I haven't had a chance to go through the training yet but plan to do so in the near future.? I will post back with any interesting experiences I may have :-)

    08 November 2006

    VS 2005 Add-In for Collapsing Solution Projects

    Recently, I've started experimenting with the capabilities of add-ins for VS 2005 because I want to write some extensions for Team Foundation Server. However, before I could really get to work on the more complex add-ins I needed to start with something simple.

    For anyone who has ever worked with Visual Studio 2005 solutions that contains multiple projects, you've probably spent a fair amount of time collapsing the project items in the Solution Explorer. So, my first "useful" add-in simply allows you to collapse all solution project items with a single mouse click.

    After you install this add-in and run Visual Studio 2005, you will notice a new menu item, "Collapse All", when you right-click on a solution in the Solution Explorer. Selecting this menu option will collapse all project items within the solution.

    I'm also planning on adding a few more features to this particular add-in down the road but even in its current state, it's already proven to be a time saver.

    You can download the add-in here.