28 May 2008

Omaha Team System User Group

Well, the 2nd Omaha Team System User Group meeting is, as they say, in the books!  We had a great turnout with about 25 attendees that showed up to listen to Mike Douglas speak about TFS build automation and the coolness factor of incorporating (authentic) stoplights into the build process.

Mike also demonstrated his latest CodePlex contribution - Team Deploy.  Team Deploy is a set of custom MSBuild tasks that provide functionality for deploying MSI files as well as controlling X10 devices (e.g. stoplights, lava lamps, etc.).  Some of the tasks included are:

  • Install Task - installs an MSI on a remote machine.
  • Uninstall Task - uninstall an MSI from a remote machine.
  • Kill Process Tasks - kills a process on a remote machine.
  • Deploy Task - utilizes a deployment script to automate the installation of MSIs on a set of remote machines.  This is the most common task to be used in the collection.
  • Start Service Task - starts a Windows Service on a remote machine.
  • Stop Service Task - stops a Windows Service on a remote machine.
  • Device Controller Task - allows you to control X10-enabled devices from your builds.

Once again, our meeting was sponsored by Farm Credit Services of America which provided pizza, pop, a great place to mingle prior to the presentation, and an excellent meeting room for the presentation.

You can download the PowerPoint slides here.

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