07 July 2007

How to Determine what Version of TFS is Installed

There have been several posts out there to help out with determining what version of TFS is currently installed and when it was installed (e.g. here, here, and here). These suggestions require you to check out various file versions, poke around the registry, and/or query the data tier. To ease the process, I have put together a simple console-based utility, TFSInfo, that will give you some basic information (e.g. AT server name, DT server name, version - AT & DT, edition, reporting server URL, the TFS installation date, and product ID) for your TFS installation.

Here is an example screen shot of the utility's output:

To use this utility, download the ZIP file and extract TFSInfo.exe onto a machine that has the Team Explorer client installed. From a command console, run TFSInfo passing in the name of the TFS Server application tier.

The version of the application tier is determined by querying the version of the file 'Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Server.dll'.  The version of the data tier is determined by querying the TfsVersionControl database (read more here).

If you're running the utility directly on the application tier, you can leave the server name off and just run TFSInfo.exe.


  • If you run this utility on a machine other than the TFS Application Tier, you will need remote registry permissions as well as permissions to query the TFS Version Control system.
  • The data tier is queried using Integrated Security.  You will need access to the TfsVersionControl database in order to retrieve the data tier version.
  • Does not currently support TFS 2008. Support for TFS 2008 will no doubt be added in the near future.

Please comment if you have any questions and/or suggestions.


Anonymous said...

very helpful Thanks

Unknown said...

This looks like a useful utility but it doesn't work if TFS is not installed in the ProgramFilesDir.

In this case it just reports "Team Foundation Server is not installed on the target machine."

Unknown said...

rblack - thanks. I will resolve the issue and re-post the utility.

Unknown said...

rblack - the TFSInfo utility should now work correctly when TFS is not installed in the Program Files directory. Please let me know if you experience any issues.

Unknown said...

Looks like the below link is broken. Is this tool still working and available?


Unknown said...

Yes, the link was changed in an updated post for this utility - http://devmatter.blogspot.com/2008/10/tfsinfo-updated-for-tfs-2008-sp1.html

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