11 September 2013

TFS Build Manager for VS 2013 Updated

screenshotToday, the Community TFS Build Extensions on CodePlex released an update to the Community TFS Build Manager VS2013 add-in. If you spend any time at all managing multiple build definitions, build results, and/or build servers, then you need to give this add-in a try.
Updates & fixes include:
  • NEW - Search and replace workspace mappings
  • NEW - Filter Build Definitions via text
  • NEW - Access build logs in web access
  • NEW - Build Duration and Agent Name columns
  • NEW - Friendly Trigger Names
  • NEW - Easily queue high priority builds
  • NEW - Clone to Project
  • FIX - Case insensitive comparisons when changing drop location of existing builds
  • FIX - Invalid Project Reference issue
  • FIX - Only change & save the new process template only if it's a different one
  • FIX - UI typo in Change Drop Location screen
The current feature set include:
  • View and sort Builds and Build Definitions across multiple Build Controllers and Team Projects
  • Bulk operations on Build Definitions
    • Change Build Templates
    • Queue
    • Enable
    • Disable
    • Delete
    • Edit
    • Set Retention Policies
    • Change Drop Location 
    • Change Build Controller
    • Change Build Triggers
  • Clone Build Definitions (includes workspace mapping translation)
  • Create a DGML image of your Builds and Controllers
  • Bulk operations on Builds
    • Delete
    • Set Build Quality
    • Open Drop Folders
    • Retain Indefinitely
    • Stop/Cancel
A standalone Windows Application is also available as part of the Community TFS Build Extensions CodePlex project.
Download the Community TFS Build Manager for Visual Studio 2013 here.

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