23 November 2012

//build/ 2012 100GB SkyDrive Voucher Never Expires

For those lucky enough to attend the //build/ conference this year, you not only received a Microsoft Surface RT tablet PC and a Nokia Lumina 920 smartphone but also a voucher for 100GB of additional SkyDrive storage. After applying my voucher code to my existing SkyDrive account, I had a total of 125GB of storage. The extra 100GB shows up as an "enthusiast bonus" as shown here:


Naturally, the first question I had after adding the additional storage was - Does the Enthusiast Bonus ever expire? After posting my question to the SkyDrive forums and not getting an answer after a couple of days, I contacted the SkyDrive Billing Support team. After about 12 days, I finally received the following response:

Thank you for your patience. We have already gotten word from the billing escalation team regarding your inquiry. The SkyDrive Enthusiast bonus for 100 GB once redeemed, will not expire as long as you keep your SkyDrive account active. Sincerely, Tier 2 - Microsoft SkyDrive Billing Support
So, there you have it... the 100GB is yours to keep! :-)

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