08 May 2012

Visual Studio 11 UI Changes Coming…

When Visual Studio 11 Beta was released a few months back there were some drastic changes to the overall user interface (UI) within Visual Studio.  Namely, the UI was pretty much devoid of all color (short of various shades of gray).  Needless to say there was a tremendous amount of feedback provided to Microsoft pleading for a little color in their beloved IDE (as well as fewer ALL CAPS VERBIAGE).

Well, as it turns out, Microsoft has listened to the feedback and have posted some screenshots of the upcoming Visual Studio Release Candidate (RC) release which shows that some color has been added back into the UI.

Here are a few of the screenshots:

Visual Studio 11 RC

There is now less text with ALL CAPS VERBIAGE (although the main menu items are still in ALL CAPS):

Visual Studio 11

The Visual Studio status bar now utilizes color to indicate various states (e.g. Ready, Development, Building, and Debug modes):

Visual Studio 11

You can get all the details on the Visual Studio Blog, here.  I am personally looking forward to the RC release as I have liked what I’ve seen so far.