04 March 2011

March 2011 Team Foundation Server Power Tools

The latest version (March 2011) of the Team Foundation Server 2010 Power Tools are now available and can be downloaded via the following links:

The primary enhancements in this release include:

  • Addressed reported issues in the Backup/Restore Power Tool (yeah!). After the initial release of the Backup/Restore Power Tool, there were several issues that made the tool questionable to use in some cases.  These issues have now been resolved (over 40 bugs fixed!).
  • Fleshed out the Windows Shell Extension for version control (double-yeah!)  The Windows shell extension for TFS version control commands has been around for a while albeit with limited functionality.  This release fills out the shell extension with practically every version control command available within the Visual Studio UI.  If you prefer working with version control from within Windows Explorer, this will be a great addition!
  • Took the first step on the path to a bunch of new TFS Build Power Tools (???)  What does this mean, exactly?  As Brian’s post points out (link below), they now have the team responsible for building the internal build tools helping out with the Power Tools.  Based on these comments, it appears they intend to make some of these tools (or some derivative) available in future Power Tools releases.  I had the pleasure of seeing some of these tool demonstrated a couple of days ago and they are simply amazing.

For the full details of this release, check out Brian’s posts, here.