05 August 2010

Lab Management to RTM – and other News

Visual Studio 2010 Lab ManagementIf you’ve been following VSLive this week, there were some exciting announcements regarding Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management yesterday.  Including:

  1. RTW: Lab Management is now scheduled to RTW by the end of August.  This is great news if you have been waiting for the final release version before implementing Lab Management.
  2. Updates: In relation to the above, a set of updates will be released that will update your TFS 2010 server, Test Professional client, and your build/lab agents.  This set of updates not only include the Lab Management updates but all TFS improvements that have been made since its release several months ago.
  3. Licensing: Finally, what may be possibly the biggest/best announcement, is the price… Originally, Microsoft was considering charging a per-processor license for the lab agents.  However, after various feedback, they decided that would complicate licensing too much.  Therefore, they have decided to make the lab agents available (i.e. included) with TFS 2010 as well as Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN and Visual Studio 2010 Test Professional with MSDN.

If you’ve been waiting for the final release of Lab Management, then your wait is almost over.  If you’ve been on the fence about Lab Management because of the potential cost of the agents, then your problem has been solved.

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