21 January 2010

Visual Studio 2010 TFS Upgrade Guide

Continuing along with my recent flurry of posts regarding various Visual Studio 2010 guidance being released by the Rangers, here’s one that has perfect timing for me personally – the Visual Studio 2010 Upgrade Guide.

If you are planning on upgrading from Team Foundation Server 2008 (or even TFS 2005) to TFS 2010, then this guide is a gold mine of information.  It covers in-place upgrades as well as migration upgrades and details the steps that must be completed for more than a dozen specific scenarios.  For example, enabling branch visualization in upgraded projects, splitting team projects into multiple collections, and much more.

Although this guide is currently listed as a “beta” release, it contains a lot of great information.  If you’re planning an upgrade to TFS 2010, I highly recommend you check this guide out.

Update: While you’re at it, it’s worth checking out this post on Rules to Better TFS 2010 Migration.