10 July 2009

Silverlight 3 Ships

I don’t normally post about Silverlight since I tend to focus on Team System so much.  However, lately I have been spending a lot of time with Silverlight since I will be doing a presentation on it at our internal user group later this fall.  As such, I noticed that Silverlight 3 has officially shipped.

Here’s a short list of new features available in v3.0:

  • Ability to run Silverlight applications “out of browser”
  • H.264
  • Navigation Framework
  • DeepZoom
  • SaveFileDialog (yeah!)
  • WriteableBitmap
  • Pixel Shaders
  • ClearType (again, yeah!)
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • New Controls
  • UI to UI Binding (third yeah!)
  • New REST Networking Stack
  • Mouse Wheel Support
  • And much more…

You can read more about the details here.

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