05 March 2009

TFS Admin Tool v.Next

For those of us who use the Team Foundation Server Administration Tool, we know how much of a time saver it can be.  If you have not used the TFS Admin Tool, hosted on CodePlex, here’s a quick description:

The TFS Admin Tool allows a TFS administrator to quickly add users to all three platforms utilized by Team Foundation Server: Team Foundation Server, SharePoint, and SQL Reporting Services, all through one common interface. The tool also allows administrators to change the current permissions on any of the three tiers, identify any errors, and view all of the users and their permission sets across Team Foundation Server, SharePoint, and SQL Reporting Services.

The TFS Admin Tool is getting a boost.  Specifically, there are several people, myself included, gearing up to work on a defect regarding SQL 2008 support (click here for details).  The next release will include the fix for this defect along with fixes for a few other defects currently in progress.

What we would like to see is more community involvement around this product.  We want to hear your ideas and suggestions.  If you’ve made any source code updates to help improve the product, we’d like for you to upload those as well.  If you maintain a blog or Facebook page, tweet on twitter, etc. then help us get the word out that we’re looking for everyone’s ideas and support.  The project coordinate, Michael Ruminer, has posted more details here.

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