17 June 2008

TFSExamples.com – A New Site

As of late, I’ve started working on several Team Foundation Server API-based examples (some of which are starting to show up as blog postings).  Although the Team Foundation Server SDK does include some examples, it’s not always easy to locate the example you need (assuming it’s even there).  There are several blogs containing various TFS API examples, but again, the full details may be spread across several postings or even separate sites.

Several months ago, Grant Holliday created the TFSBuild.com site dedicated to MSBuild and Team Foundation Build recipes.  I decided to take a similar approach and registered the site TFSExamples.com.  I utilized the same ScrewTurn wiki software and customized it to the needs of the new site.  The intent is to compile a library of Team Foundation Server API examples making it simple to get started with a project based on the TFS object model.

There are only a couple of examples on the site at the moment but I plan on adding several more over the next few days.  I also hope that others will come across the site and add their own examples.

Some of the current functionality on TFSExamples.com includes:

  • Add New Example – displays instructions on adding a new example to the wiki
  • Browse All – displays a list of all pages in the wiki
  • Browse Categories – displays a list of all categories in the wiki
  • Request Example – allows you to request a specific example be added to the site

If you have any examples based on the TFS object model that you would like to publish, please check out TFSExamples.com and add them accordingly.

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Kevin Dietz said...


I too have grown frustrated in trying to track down TFS-related information (SDK and otherwise). There's good information in all of the blogs, but it just takes so long to sift through it all.

I've also started a similar site, http://www.tfslabs.com. Mine is not as strictly focused on the SDK as your is.

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