05 June 2008

Tech-Ed 2008 - the Penultimate Day

Day three is done and now we're down to one more day (more like half a day since I have to leave for the airport shortly after lunch tomorrow).

I sat in on another session with Juval Lowy today discussing productivity with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).  As always, Juval was very lively, entertaining, and informative.

I sat in on another session discussing project management in Team Foundation Server.  It was interesting in that most of the actual project management (e.g. estimation, work item creation, etc.) was actually handled by Excel and then imported into TFS.  The moral of the story (as was stated at least twice) is that you need to be an Excel guru to effectively manage projects in TFS.  I'm hopeful this is something that will change quite a bit in the "Rosario" release.

Most of the day was spent networking with the various Microsoft personnel hanging out around the Team System booths.  It's been great this week being able to put names to faces.

Tonight was also the conference event at Universal Studios.  From the moment we walked through the gate there was food, drinks (beer, pop, water, etc.), desserts, more food, and more beer :-)  Several of the attractions were closed off, including the Mummy ride, Twister, Shrek 4D, and others.  However, the new Simpsons "ride" was really cool.  Watching the T2: 3-D show (for the umpteenth time) was still just as great as ever!  It all made for a great night!

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