29 February 2008

PowerCommands for VS 2008

A short while ago I wrote a post about the MSDN Code Gallery.  For all intents and purposes I liked what I saw with a few exceptions (nothing major).  I even posted a simple Send Email Message snippet just to try it out. 

Today, I noticed a new post that I think will prove to be very useful to many Visual Studio 2008 users - PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008.  This is a set of extensions for the Visual Studio 2008 IDE that offer various types of functionality, including:

  • Collapse Projects
  • Copy/Paste Class
  • Copy/Paste References (this will be hugely popular in my opinion)
  • Copy As Project Reference (another popular one)
  • Edit Project File
  • Open Containing Folder (very nice!)
  • Open Command Prompt (also very nice!)
  • Unload/Reload Projects
  • Remove and Sort Usings (C# only)
  • Extract Constant
  • Clear Recent File/Project List (yet another popular one)
  • Transform Templates
  • Close All

You can download the MSI, a Microsoft Word 2007 "read me" document, and/or the source code.  I installed the MSI, ran Visual Studio, and was able to access the new functionality without any issues.

This set of extensions will no doubt become popular among Visual Studio users.  With any luck, new features will be added along the way :-)

Click here to visit the PowerCommands for Visual Studio 2008 home page.

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