21 December 2007

TFS 2008 Power Tools Released

The Team Foundation Server 2008 Power Tools has been released and is available for download here.  There are several tools/features included in this release - some new, some old:

  • Team Foundation Power Tool command-line tool (TFPT.EXE) - contains some new commands for configuring Team Explorer connection settings (tweakui) and for  destroying Work Items and Work Items Type Definitions (destroyWI, destroyWITD).
  • Process Template Editor - updated for use with Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server. It also has several improvements, including: the ability to launch standalone without a Visual Studio installation, performance improvements, improved discoverability and bug fixes.
  • Custom Check-In Policy Pack - a set of custom check-in polices including:
    • Custom Path Policy - provides a mechanism that lets you specify the source control path or paths upon which a particular policy acts.
    • Forbidden Patterns Policy - allows you to specify a file extension or a regular expression that you can use to keep certain file types from being checked in to source control.
    • Changeset Comments Policy - allows you to verify that the Comments text box in the Check In dialog box is not empty.
    • Work Item Query Policy - allows you to specify a team query to which the work item associated with a check-in must belong.
  • Team Foundation Server Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) - updated for TFS 2008 deployments.
  • Work Item Templates - adds additional menu items to the Team Work Item Templates menu.
  • Find in Source Control (NEW) - an addition to the Team Explorer menu that provides the ability to locate files and folders in source control by the item’s status or with a wildcard expression.
  • Quick Label (NEW) - allows labels to be easily applied to a given selection of files and folders in the Source Control Explorer.
  • Build Notification (NEW) - runs in the Windows task bar notification area monitoring the status of the build definitions you have specified.  It can be configured to show notifications when builds are queued, started, or completed for multiple build definitions spanning multiple Team Foundation Servers.

You can read more about what's included with the TFS 2008 Power Tools release here.

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