30 October 2007

Getting Ready for Patterns & Practices Summit 2007

It's almost time for this year's Patterns and Practices Summit and I'm excited for many reasons.  There is a list of great speakers lined up along with some great sessions.  One thing I'm looking forward to with this summit over the typical conference (e.g. TechEd or PDC) is I don't have to pick-and-choose between a dozen (or more) tracks when deciding which sessions to attend - there is only one track with about seven sessions per day.  I'm also looking forward to visiting the Microsoft campus since I've never been there before.  So, all-in-all, it promises to be a great event.

Of course, I'll have to put on my tourist hat in the evenings and check out the local sites such as the Space Needle.  Having never been to Washington state I'm not sure what to check out so if anyone has suggestions, please post them.  Also, if there is anything specific (i.e. super cool) to visit while on the Microsoft campus please post that as well :-)

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