03 March 2007

Outlook Add-In for Team Foundation Server

I came across a (free!) add-in a while back that provides integration of TFS Work Items with Microsoft Outlook 2003.  This add-in provides the following features:

  • Create work items directly from e-mail messages.
  • Submit and edit work items.
  • Execute stored queries.
  • Find work items by ID.
  • Export stored query results.
  • Send work item data and query results by e-mail.
  • Does not require Team Explorer to be installed (although you still need to maintain the required end-user CALs).
  • If you have business owners, testers, quality assurance users, etc. that would like to be able to create and/or manage work items within TFS without having to install Team Explorer (or some other 3rd party interface) then check out this add-in.  It's definitely worth a look.

    The current version supports only Microsoft Outlook 2003 but a version for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is in the works and planned to be released soon.

    Read more about it here and/or download the add-in here.

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