02 February 2007

Displaying Team System reports in the Team Portal

One of the nicest features of the TFS SharePoint site (in my opinion) is the ability to display various reports on the portal's home page.  We currently display a build report as well as a defect report.  To do this, I've always used the default Page Viewer web part and manually set the URL to the desired report.

However, today I noticed a post from Jeff Atwood describing a different approach.  He explains how to install the SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services web parts (which already exist on your TFS server - they just need to be setup).

There are two web parts that get installed - a Report Explorer and a Report Viewer.  The Report Explorer lists each report in a tabular format whereas the Report Viewer gives you more control over how your report is ran and displayed.

Check out his post for more information.

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