12 June 2006

Tech-Ed 2006 is in Full Force

Tech-Ed 2006 is now in ful force in Boston! I arrived yesterday afternoon, checked in, received a bag full of goodies and attended the keynote address. I had a nice, long, descriptive post about the keynote but the hard drive in my tablet PC decided to go kabunk this morning (it made some really horrible sounds and finally "blue-screened" Windows). So, if I'm able to retrieve any data from my hard drive, I'll post about the keynote at a later time.

This morning (Monday) I attended the session "Building Modern Software Services, Workflow and Identity" by David Chappell. He was a very good speaker (the best I've seen here so far) - almost to the point of being a motivational speaker. He is very passionate about software services and technology in general. His closing words... "go paint your bridge". This was in reference to an analogy that the Golden Gate Bridge is constantly being painted. Basically, the painters start at one end, paint all the way across, and then go back and start over again. He likened that process to technological advancements and change. Nicely put :-)

I still have a couple of sessions to attend before the day is over and am looking forward to more as the week goes on. I only wish my hard drive didn't crash-and-burn on me.