25 April 2006

Workspace Sidekick

A new utility for manipulating Team Foundation Server Version Control workspaces has been released by Eugene Zakhareyev and is available here. Here are some specifications from the web site:

Workspace Sidekick is a tool for TFS Administrators and advanced users providing Graphic User Interface for viewing and performing administrative changes on TFS workspaces.

The version 1.0 of TFS VC Workspace Sidekick provides the following features:
  • View workspaces filtered by specific owner or computer name (owner and/or computer name may be selected from list of Active Directory users or just typed in)
  • Delete workspaces
  • Update workspace computer name (for local workspaces only)
  • View specific workspace details and folder mappings
  • Delete specific workspace selected folder mappings
  • Specify application configuration parameters (TFS server name, Active Directory domain for lookup)
  • View log of performed actions (successful and failed)
There is a nice user's guide available on Anthony Borton's BLOG.

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